Holiday Wreath

After making my cat Halloween wreath, I knew I wanted to do something similar for a Christmas wreath… and here it is — knit hat and all! IMG_3559I simply wrapped two boas (one red and one white) around a wreath form and pinned in place. Then I pinned the hat on. The hat is the Magnum Santa Hat,  a free pattern from Cascade Yarns and designed by Shannon Dunbabin.  It’s knit in bulky yarn, so works up fast.  If you would like the free pattern, click HERE.


Autumn Burlap Wreath on a Budget

It was a busy, but productive day today. After getting the leaves raked and bagged, my daughter actually wanted to craft today–something she hasn’t wanted to do in a long time.  So while she painted, it gave me the perfect opportunity to make this wreath:


The wreath form was purchased for 25 cents at a re-store (I was thrilled at this find), the burlap I found for 50 cents at a church sale (another super deal, especially with burlap being so popular right now), and the rafia I purchased at a dollar store.  The beads came from my crafting stash.  Total cost = $1.75!  I’m pretty happy with how it came out.

Holiday Wreath

Recently I saw some craft tubing at the craft store. I had never come across craft tubing before and thought it looked it interesting.  I decided to pick some up (in red) and see what ideas I could come it for it. I grabbed a foam wreath form and some miniature Christmas ornaments and decided I would make a wreath. How exactly, I wasn’t sure yet.Wreath (5)

At first I thought I would wrap the tubing around the wreath, but I didn’t like how it looked. I thought I needed some white to go with it and on my next trip out picked up a package of white tubing.  On this trip the cashier asked me what the tubing was supposed to be used for. I told her that I had no idea!

Now my plan was to wrap the red and white alternately around the wreath, but I still wasn’t happy with it. Finally I decided the tubing would make fun bows:


Now I had something!  I wrapped the wreath in red mesh that I had left from another project and glue the bows on one half and I was on my way to a pretty nice wreath!





MATERIALS: Foam wreath form, tubing, red mesh, glue gun, mini ornaments, ribbon

MATERIALS: Foam wreath form, tubing, red mesh, glue gun, mini ornaments, ribbon

Wrap weath in red mesh.  Make bows out of tubing and glue to one half of wreath (pin for extra security), glue one red & white bow to opposite side.  Hang mini ornaments from bow.

Wrap weath in red mesh. Make bows out of tubing and glue to one half of wreath (pin for extra security), glue one red & white bow to opposite side. Hang mini ornaments from bow.

Back To My Crafting Stash

I took some time to get back to my craft stash.  My goal was to make a new wreath for my front door (season appropriate) without buying anything and only using things I already had in my craft supply stash.  Here is what I used:


Supplies Used: A round bamboo purse handle for the frame of the wreath, a green purse handle for the hanger, buttons, green and purple ribbon, fabrics scraps

The only other thing I used was a pair of scissors.

To make the wreath, I simply cut my fabric into long strips about 1″ wide and tied them in bows around the bamboo frame.  When I was satisfied that I had enough bows, I used fabric strips to fasten the handle at the top.  I used the ribbon to fasten the buttons to the bottom.  It took me about an hour from start to finish.  Super easy! And here it is hanging on my front door. I love the combination of the purple and the lime green!


Valentine Wreath

I’m a bit behind in crafting with the holiday schedule.  I just took down my Christmas wreath last week.  I had plans to replace it with a Valentine Wreath and use up my last foam wreath from my crafting stash.  I was having a tough time getting inspiration for this one, but finally I bought some Lion Homespun yarn. Yes, sadly I did got purchase something and didn’t make this entirely from my stash.  Everything else did come from my stash though.  I had these packages of Valentine them buttons that I bought from a clearance bin at JoAnn’s probably 2 years ago. Look at the prices!  I can hardly ever pass up a 10 cent or 25 cent crafting purchase, this my large crafting stash!

photo 1

photo 2

Anyway, to make the wreath I simply wrapped the foam wreath with the yarn I bought and then glued on the embellishments.  To create the hanger, I cut a small piece of white ribbon used a thumb tac with glue to secure it on the back side of the wreath.

photo 4

Now on to my other Valentine projects.  I’ll do my best to post them promptly!

Coca-Cola Holiday Wreath

My mother is an avid collector of Coca-Cola items, so every year I try to make her something with a Coca-Cola theme.  Since this year I’ve been making lots of wreaths, that’s what I went with.  This is a great wreath design that could be done in any theme and/colors.  I also like that it can be reversible.

Coca-Cola Holiday Wreath

Coca-Cola Holiday Wreath

I came up with this design idea when I was shopping for foam wreaths.  They were so expensive!  When I was looking in the floral section of AC Moore, I found these wire wreath forms for less than $2 each! And the idea was born.

I did experiment at first with how I wanted to make the wreath, but I knew I was going to cut my material into strips and tie it on the wreath somehow.  I used a rotary cutter with a pinking blade to make quick and easy work of cutting the material into strips about 1″ wide and 8-10″ long. Coca-Cola fabric is hard to come by and I had to purchase a few different kinds (both cotton and flannel) to have enough.  So I just kept with red and white only Coca-Cola prints and then bought some plain white cotton fabric at my local JoAnn’s.  If you want to make a wreath like this, I would suggest sticking to cotton, as the flannel (or even fleece) is thicker and not as easy to tie.

Coca-Cola Wreath - Reverse Side

Coca-Cola Wreath – Reverse Side

If you want to make a wreath like this, it’s actually quite easy, though a little more time-consuming than you might think. The wire wreath form I purchased has 6 wires from inside to outside. I think they are all pretty much the same regardless of brand or size.   After you cut your fabric into strips about 1″wide x 8-10″ long (I suggest using pinking shears or a pinking blade on a rotary cutter, but a straight blade will work too), just tie them to the form working over 2 wires as I have pictured here:

Tie fabric, knotting twice, working over 2 wires. Alternate colors as I show here in order to achieve a pattern.

Tie fabric, knotting twice, working over 2 wires. Alternate colors as I show here in order to achieve a pattern.

Just continue to tie your fabric in the this same pattern all the way around. After tying a bunch of knots, push the pieces of fabric as tightly together as you want to. I like to push them together pretty tightly so that it looks nice on the reverse side.  When you get to the vertical wires, tie your fabric in a way that will help to cover the wire. Depending on the size of your wreath form, it can take a couple of hours just to tie the fabric on.  When you’re done, add a bow if desired, and use a piece of floral wire to create a hanger.

I also made a similar wreath using bandanas in red, white, and blue and achieved this really nice 4th of July themed wreath:

002 005


I’d love to hear what you think of these. Do you think you’ll try making one?  It would make a great last-minute gift idea since you can make it to go with any theme or decor. It would even be great for a kids room!

Gift Ribbon Wreath

Gift Ribbon Wreath

Gift Ribbon Wreath

On my quest to use up my crafting stash and make some wreaths I’ve had in mind, I created this Gift Ribbon Wreath. Why do I call it that?  My mother wraps gifts beautifully and often I receive a gift wrapped in such pretty ribbon that I can’t bear to give it up, so it goes into a stash. Sometimes I re-use it to wrap a gift for someone, but more often than not, I’m in too much of a hurry to wrap things as nicely as my mother. So I’ve acquired this stash of Christmas ribbon and what better way to use it up than to make a wreath.

Wreath 1

Here is what I started with

I had lots of gold ribbon for some reason, plus a couple of partial spools of ribbon that I don’t even know where it came from! Since I had so much gold ribbon, I just wrapped it around and around the wreath.  When one piece ended, I grabbed another piece and kept wrapping. I ended up with a couple of layers of gold, which fully covered the green foam of the wreath.   I saved the longest piece for last, and was able to go all around the wreath one more time with that piece.   The burgundy ribbon I saved for last and used that as an accent color.  I glued the final end of ribbon and held it in place with a tack while it dried.

Gift Ribbon Wreath

My bow was a bit crinkled, so I undid the bow and flattened the ribbon the best I could and re-made the bow using my last piece of gold ribbon to tie the bow off and tie it to the wreath.  The gold ribbon has a mesh-like texture and wanted to naturally curl after being wrapped on a spool. I enhanced the curl by wrapping the ribbon tightly around a cardboard roll (a paper towel or toilet paper roll will work) and letting it stay that way for a while.

Voila!  One more item made from my existing craft stash and zero money spent!