Upcycled – Valentine Box

ImageThere’s something about the word “upcycled” that I really like. It denotes an appreciation for taking something that would ordinarily just get thrown out and turning it into something useful and often even pretty.

We recently bought some Valentine candies on clearance for $2.25 per box – a major steal made even better when I upcycled the empty boxes over the weekend using washi tape.


These boxes have so many uses:

  • Gift boxes
  • Make your own chocolates and gift them in these
  • Store crochet hooks
  • Jewelry boxes
  • Storing any odds and ends– they look pretty sitting on a bookshelf
  • Tack the base the wall and put the cover on and you have instant wall art!

photo 3

I bet you can think of dozens of your own uses for them!

Heart-Shaped Chocolate Chip Cookies

I don’t consider my heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies a complete success. Rolled cookies are much easier to form into shapes than drop cookies! But after some failed attempts, I did manage to get some semi-heart shaped cookies made for my Valentine.  As for the failed cookies- I’m sure they’ll taste just as good!


Valentine Wreath

I’m a bit behind in crafting with the holiday schedule.  I just took down my Christmas wreath last week.  I had plans to replace it with a Valentine Wreath and use up my last foam wreath from my crafting stash.  I was having a tough time getting inspiration for this one, but finally I bought some Lion Homespun yarn. Yes, sadly I did got purchase something and didn’t make this entirely from my stash.  Everything else did come from my stash though.  I had these packages of Valentine them buttons that I bought from a clearance bin at JoAnn’s probably 2 years ago. Look at the prices!  I can hardly ever pass up a 10 cent or 25 cent crafting purchase, this my large crafting stash!

photo 1

photo 2

Anyway, to make the wreath I simply wrapped the foam wreath with the yarn I bought and then glued on the embellishments.  To create the hanger, I cut a small piece of white ribbon used a thumb tac with glue to secure it on the back side of the wreath.

photo 4

Now on to my other Valentine projects.  I’ll do my best to post them promptly!