Sweatshirt Re-Vamp

Recently I realized that I had two sweatshirts that were almost identical.  What to do?  Change one up! One of the sweatshirts was slightly longer, a little too long actually, so this is the one I decided to go to work on.  I started by cutting the cuffs off the wrists and the bottom, and the cut the neckline off. I like the current trend of the shirts that hang slightly lower in the back, so I decided to trim mine to this style.  (The great thing about sweatshirts is that the material is very forgiving to being cut. Rather than unraveling, it will just curl a bit.)Materials

Now for the fun part!  This is so easy, but fun!

I took an ink stamp I had on hand. My stamp is of paw prints since I’m a huge cat lover.  I got out my box of Sharpies (I LOVE, LOVE Sharpies and have them in every imaginable color) and got to work.  After deciding on my Sharpie colors, I simply ran the Sharpie over the surface of my ink stamp and applied the stamp to the sweatshirt. I just kept doing this until I was satisfied with the one color, and then moved on to the next.  It’s best to wipe off any excess ink from the stamp before applying a new color.

When your done, let the sweatshirt sit overnight or toss into the dryer to help set the ink better. Then you can wash and wear!