Ripple Granny and Rise and Fall Throw

Ripple Granny

Ripple Granny

Imagine my surprise when I found one of my designs in a Leisure Arts book recently!  A while back, I had done an afghan design for Candi Jensen. I knew it was intended for a book, but didn’t have any more details than that.  Time went by and it got pushed to the back of my mind.  I was on the Leisure Arts website the other day and just happened to recognize my design in Motif Afghans by Candi Jensen! I guess I finally found out where the design ended up.  LOL

Rise and Fall Throw

Rise and Fall Throw

And wouldn’t you know that on the very same evening I just happened discover my Rise and Fall Throw (which has been in the Mary Maxim catalog for quite some time) in The Best of Mary Maxim Ripple Afghans book, another Leisure Arts publication!  What an honor to have my design to be selected to be among the amazing designs in the book.  I had no idea!

Both of these books are available on the Leisure Arts website (click the book titles above).  You can also find them on Amazon.

Motif Afghans Cover  Best of Mary Maxim Ripple Afghans Cover 


My daughter loves slouchy beanies and I offered to crochet her one from Lisa Gentry’s Celebrity Slouchy Beanies for the Family Book 2 from Leisure Arts. The booklet  has 9 designs to choose from, most done in worsted weight yarn and at an easy skill level.

My daughter picked the Pop Star beanie, which is the main design pictured in tangerine on the cover. The original design was done in Red Heart Soft yarn and I wanted to stick with the same yarn as the original to have to best chance of getting the same look and drape. My daughter wanted a “grey that wasn’t too light, but wasn’t too dark” so I went with grey heather.Celebrity Slouchy Beanies Crochet -2

I’m happy to say that she is pleased with the finished product and has been wearing it just about every day!  She’s even had a friend say she wants one.  I’d call that a success!

Randi Slouchy Beanie

Texting Mitts by Andee Graves

Guess What Just Arrived In the Mail? My copy of Texting Mitts by Andee Graves that I won!  I can’t wait to pick out some yarn and get started on a pair.  There’s a young lady in my house who turns 14 this month, and I want to make her a pair for her birthday! Hopefully I can get them done in time. I’ll share a picture when they’re finished.

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Texting Mitts