DMC Top This! Hat

Another project from DMC Top This! yarn.  The pattern for this is right on the label of yarn.  Super cute! I made this in just a couple of hours.  IMG_3629

Under the Boardwalk Hat

I just finished a knit hat — another gift for the holidays.  The yarn I used for this is Lion Brand Heartland.


The original pattern, designed by  called for Schachenmayr Sun City yarn and looked VERY different from my finished hat. I purchased some of the Schachenmayr Sun City yarn, but then decided I wanted a more wintry looking hat. I’ll make another hat in the Schachenmayr Sun City at a later time.  Since I am not a very skilled knitter, I am pretty happy with how it came out.

I purchased this pattern from Annie’s. Click HERE if you are interested in purchasing this pattern for yourself.


Gin and Tonic Hat

I’ve been more into knitting than crocheting lately, and I’ve been making some hats for the holidays.  I just finished this hat. I really like the pattern and plan to make more hats like this. I found the pattern as a free pattern download on Ravelry. Here’s the link:  Gin & Tonic Hat.



The orignal hat was done in Tanis Fiber Arts Orange Label, which looked amazing. I made mine in Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable — one of my favoritive yarns that’s a bit easier on the pocketbook. The color I used was echo.  When I make another hat using this pattern, I think I will go another repeat or two before the decrease so that it’s more of a slouchy beanie.  But I really like the pattern stitch.