It’s All About Giant Motifs!

My latest patterns coming out in Crochet 1-2-3 Issue #4, which goes on sale March 5th.  Both of these designs were made with “giant motifs” being the inspiration.

Super Squares ToteCrochet 1-2-3 Issue #4

Super Squares Tote
Crochet 1-2-3 Issue #4

Mega Motif ThrowCrochet 1-2-3 Issue #4

Mega Motif Throw
Crochet 1-2-3 Issue #4

Quantum Geo Throw in Crochet! Magazine

Watch for the December issue of Crochet! Magazine.  In it is one of my favorite designs- my Quantum Geo Throw. If you want the pattern for this design, make sure to get this issue.  You will also find the pattern for my Harvest Home Pillow in this issue.  And check out the Susan Van Horn’s Building Blocks Cardigan.  Definitely cover worthy!

P.S.  You might also get to see my Quantum Geo Throw, along with three other designs, on upcoming episodes of Knit and Crochet Now! that air sometime in February or March!