Dollar Store Dishcloths

Here’s a quick and easy way to dress up a dollar store dishcloth — just crochet a simple border around it!  IMG_3765

I first took a length of my 4-ply cotton yarn and split it into 2, so it was only 2-ply, then used a needle and made a blanket stitch edging evenly around all 4 sides of the cloth.  This gave me a base to work my crochet stitches on.  Then I worked my stitches as follows:

Round 1:  Sc in each stitch around, slip stitch to beginning sc.

Round 2: Ch 1, (sc, ch 1) in each  st around, slip stitch to beginning sc. Fasten off.

If you are looking for a good tutorial on the blanket stitch, here is one I recommend:  How to do the Blanket Stitch

Dollar Store Pumpkins

I’ve seen all kinds of decorated pumpkins on Pinterest that I was inspired to make some of my own. I decided I was going to use dollar store styrofoam pumpkins and only supplies I already had in my crafting stash.  Except I did splurge on a 99 cent bottle of Puffy Paint at Walmart.

Other materials I used, all from my crafting stash:  Martha Stewart Acyrlic Pearl Paint, Tacky Glue, a mini-roller (to paint the pumpkins with), a paintbrush, assorted pearl and other embellishments, and glitter glue.




I just love Pinterest and all of the inspiration and ideas I can get from there!

Coca-Cola Wine Glasses

At last! I found some time for some non-crochet crafting! A while back I saw some Coca-Cola wine glasses on Pinterest and knew I had to make some because my mother is a HUGE Coca-Cola collector.  The best part is that you can get the materials (except the glue) from the Dollar Store!

Coke Glass (2)

For the price of $4 total, I purchase 2 Coca-Cola glasses and 2 candlestick holders.  For a few dollars more, I purchased some glue specifically made for gluing ceramic and glass and voila!

Coke Glass (4)


I will say that initially I was not impressed with the glue.  It was very watery and did not hold at all in 60 seconds like it claimed– not even in 5 minutes.  However, by the next day, all appeared well.  The glue is holding the glass pieces together.  I’m happy with the end result and I think my mother will be thrilled with this Christmas gift!

Firefly Jars

It’s summer and it’s been so hot and humid here in the northeast for the last few weeks with daily rain showers and/or thunderstorms that I haven’t felt inspired to craft and it’s actually been all I could do to pick up my crochet hook. But my 12-year old daughter just made these firefly jars that I thought were amazingly cool and I wanted to show  them off!

photo 1photo 5

She came across the idea entirely on her on and came to me and said she wanted to go to the dollar store to buy some jars, glitter and glow sticks. I actually ended up having everything she needed already in my crochet stash!  Hooray!

She even got creative and made her own video, which she is working on figuring out how to convert and edit entirely on her own.

If you want to make these, you can find the instructions around the internet.  But literally all you need to do is cut open the glow sticks (after you activate them) keeping them down inside the jar while you do so  and shake them inside the jar to get the liquid into the jar, then add glitter and shake.  You can experiment with different colors of  glitter and glow sticks.  The jars only glow for about an hour, but are really pretty.

FYI:  Plan on safely disposing of the jars when you are done because the insides of the glows sticks actually contain little pieces of glass.