Polka Dot Poncho in Herrschners!

I just spotted my Polka Dot Poncho design in the latest Herrschners catalog. The poncho is a one size fits girls 4-10 and is made from Sundance Beads yarn, which is SUPER soft and cozy!  This pattern can be purchased as a kit from Herrschners. poncho herrschners

Free Pattern! Eco Cup Cozy

I was experimenting with some crochet stitches the other day and the result was my new Eco Cup Cozy design. I’m offering this as a free pattern for all to enjoy.  These work up so fast that they make a great last-minute home-made gift.  Add your own embellishment like a (heart or a sweet little note to your Valentine and you have February 14th covered!



Designed by Carrie Carpenter

FINISHED MEASUREMENTS – Cozy is approx. 3 ¾” high x 9” long before seaming

YARN – Worsted Weight Yarn (approximately 35 yards)

HOOK – J-10 (6mm) crochet hook

PATTERN STITCHES – Chain (ch), Slip Stitch (sl st), Single Crochet (sc), Double Crochet (dc)

PATTERN NOTES –  Cozy will stretch to fit a variety of cups.  If a larger cozy is needed, simply do an additional pattern repeat as indicated.

GAUGE –  Gauge is not critical


Chain 14

Row 1:  Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each chain across, turn.   (13 sc)

Row 2:  Chain 1, sc in first sc and in each sc across, turn.

Row 3:  Chain 1, sc in first sc and in each sc across, turn.

Row 4:  Chain 1, skip first sc, *dc in next sc, slip stitch in next sc; repeat from * across, ending with sl st in last sc, turn.

Row 5:  Chain 1, sc each each sl st and each dc across, turn.

Row 6-7:  Chain 1, sc in first sc and in each sc across, turn.

Row 8:  Chain 1, skip first sc, *dc in next sc, sl st in next sc; repeat from * across, ending with sl st in last sc, turn.

Repeat rows 5-8 six more times. Fasten off. For larger cups, do an additional repeat.

FINISHING:   Fold piece in half, right side facing, bringing first row to meet last row. Sew ends together.  Fasten off. Turn right side out.  Using yarn needle, weave in all ends.

Original design. All rights reserved by original designer.

Snowflake Pins


My daughter has a school dance this Friday and the theme is “Winter”.  She’s not real big on dressing up much, so I offered to make her a snowflake pin. Image


The inspiration for the pins was from 100 Snowflakes to Crochet by Caitlin Sainio.  This book has beautiful photos, patterns, charts for an amazing variety of crochet snowflakes.  And it’s a great way to get started on designing your own crochet snowflakes.


I used a white cotton yarn—Tahki  cotton to be exact, but any cotton yarn will work. After I crocheted the snowflakes,  I needed to stiffen them.  You can buy fabric stiffener, but I made a mixture of 1 part Tacky Glue to 1 part water.  I made sure the snowflakes was thoroughly saturated and then gently wrung out the excess and flattened out the snowflake on a piece of wax paper and let dry for about 24 hours.  You can pin the snowflake into shape if you want. You can see in the photo that I did this with one of them. I just put a piece of cardboard underneath the wax paper and pinned into that. 


When the snowflakes are completely dry, you can sew the pin backing on. I just used standard white sewing thread.  After sewing, I also added some Tacky Glue for extra security.  Voila!


You can make some great snowflakes from the book I mentioned above.  But here is the pattern for the snowflake that I made, inspired by all the designs in the book:






Make an adjustable ring (or a foundation chain of 5 or 6 with a slip stitch to join to make a ring will work too)


Round 1: Ch 1, 12 sc in ring, join with slip stitch to beginning ch-1.


Round 2: Ch 3 (counts as dc), dc in next sc, ch 3,*dc in next 2 sc, ch 3; repeat from * around , join with a slip stitch to first sc.


Round 3: Ch 1 (counts as sc), *ch 5 and slip stitch in 4th ch from hook , ch 6 and slip stitch in 6th chain from hook, ch 5 and slip stitch in 5th ch from hook, slip stitch in 1st ch of the ch-5, sc in next dc, (2 sc, ch 6, 2 sc in ch-3 space, sc in next dc; repeat from * around, join with slip stitch to beginning ch-1.  Fasten off.


Tweed Stitch Wrap


Tweed Stitch Wrap, Crochet 1-2-3 magazine Issue #3

My Tweed Stitch Wrap design is in the January-February 2013 issue of Crochet 1-2-3 magazine, which is available in Walmart stores beginning January 8th.  This design was made using 2 different yarns- Lion Brand Tweed Stripes, which I LOVE, and Lion Brand Homespun, which I honestly haven’t really been that fond of.  BUT the result did really change my mind about the ladder.  I really like how the combination of these two totally different yarns worked together to create such a nice fabric with really pretty color changes.   If you want this pattern, you can look for Issue #3 of Crochet 1-2-3 at your local Walmart in January.

I really want to make a cowl for myself from the same Tweed Stripes that I used for this design, and luckily I have enough yarn left over from this project. With any luck, I’ll be working on that tonight as we all watch the ball drop and enter the year 2013!

I hope that everyone has a super New Year’s Eve and a great start to the New Year!!!!!!

Happy New Year!

Tweed Stripes Woodland

Lion Brand Tweed Stripes in Woodland

Homespun Wildfire

Lion Brand Homespun in Wildfire

Alternating rows of Tweed Stripes and Homespun

Alternating rows of Tweed Stripes and Homespun

Final Stop on the Blog Tour for Jenny King’s Fashions to Flaunt Crocheted With Noro Yarns PLUS a GIVEAWAY!

Well here it is—the final stop on the Blog Tour for Jenny King’s Fashions to Flaunt Crocheted With Noro Yarns! I’m honored to have been invited to join such talented designers as Drew Emborsky, Amy Shelton, and Ellen Gormley on the blog tour for Jenny’s book, and I have the privilege of closing out the tour.  That means your last chance to enter to win the giveaway! Fashions to Flaunt Crocheted With Noro Yarns

Who is Jenny? If you crochet, you probably already know who she is.  But if you haven’t heard of Jenny King, you will.  She’s an amazing crochet designer from Australia and she and her designs are making themselves know in the states as well.  I haven’t had the fortune of meeting her in person, but we’ve chatted via email.

You’ll be missing out if you don’t buy a copy of this book.  BUT, I’m giving 3 readers the chance to win a copy! Keep reading and I’ll provide full giveaway details below.

First let me tell you a bit more about the book.  When I first received Jenny’s book in the mail, I flipped through it quickly and my immediate response was, “I want to make one of everything!” It has amazing color photos that really show off the color play of the Noro yarns and Jenny’s designs.  My favorite thing about this book is that all 17 designs are at an Easy skill level.  Jenny offers a variety of patterns from scarves and vests, to wraps and hats—even a pair of slippers and a skirt. My personal favorites are the Dolman Sleeve Lacy Shrug and the Light Layers Vest, so I’m giving you a sneak peak at these 2 designs.  And then I’m going to get myself some Noro yarn and get started on one of these projects!

Dolman Sleeve Lacy Shrug

Dolman Sleeve Lacy Shrug

Light Layers Vest

Light Layers Vest

Now for the Giveaway Details………..

3 fans will each win 1 copy of Jenny King’s Fashions to Flaunt Crocheted with Noro Yarns + 1 ball Noro Silk Garden super fine (sock) weight yarn (13/4 oz/110 yds/50g per ball) #304 hot pink/turquoise/lime (enough yarn to complete the popular Bobble Scarf featured in the book).

I’m giving multiple opportunities to enter.  Earn one entry for each of the following (entries will be verified):

Deadline to complete your entries is midnight EST Saturday, December  15th.  Winners will be chosen at random and notified and announced here and on my Facebook page Monday, December 17th. Good luck!