Mason Jar Decoration

Here is my one mason jar decoration that I made.  I had to look all over for the perfect jar because a regular mason jar wasn’t wide enough to accommodate more than just the Christmas tree.  I love the little tricycle.  (See the candy cane on the handle bars? A few years back I actually figured out a way to make my own realistic-looking candy canes because the ones in the stores always look so plastic and fake.)  And then there’s the little toy train around the Christmas tree.  It was fun choosing the elements I wanted to include in the jar.IMG_3610


Christmas Ornaments

I was intending to make the mason jar ornaments that are trending this season, but when I got to the craft store I found these great little ornaments that soon took the place of mason jars! There are about the easiest ornaments I have ever made. Supplies – ornament, miniature of your choosing, fake snow, glue and styrofoam circle to use as a base inside the lid to raise the miniature up a bit.  (I did make a mason jar ornament too, and I will share that in another post.)



Holiday Ornaments

Yes, I’m already thinking about holiday ornaments!

I came across some quilted ornament patterns recently, and what caught my attention is that they are NO-SEW!  Here’s my first completed ornament:


It’s not perfect, but now that I know what I’m doing my next one will hopefully look a bit more polished.

The pattern directions say it takes about an hour to complete, but that’s assuming you have all your materials on-hand and your fabric squares already cut.  I purchased fat quarters from Wal-Mart for .97 each and Styrofoam blocks at the Dollar Tree that I was able to cut in half and make 2 ornaments from. It took me a bit of time to press the fabric and cut it into the required 2.5″ x 2.5″ squares.

I plan on making more of these in favorite designs and colors for members of my family for the holidays.

The pattern for this ornament is available for purchase from Annie’s.

Double-Duty Ornaments

If you follow my blog then you saw the pumpkin hangers that I made for the tree in my front yard. (If not, just flip back a couple of posts.)  The hangers were a hit, and I decided I wanted to come up with a way to use the hangers for Christmas.

I decided that over-sized Christmas tree ornaments would fit nicely in the hangers, but then I needed to figure out how to make them.  I was going to use bouncy balls, but then it occurred to me that I had the pumpkins and I could re-use these!  I just went to the dollar store and purchased foil wrapping paper to cover the pumpkins.  I also had the idea of using solar lights so that they could light up at night.  I found the lights at Dollar General of $1 each. I pulled the “stems” off of the lights and just used the top half of the lights, inserting the lights into the top of the pumpkins. I used zip ties to hold the foil wrappers closed, and at the same time hold the solar lights in place.  I trimmed off the excess wrapping paper around the top and tied curling ribbon around the top.

closeup 1


My total investment:

$4 for the foil wrapping paper – note – the reverse side of the paper is silver, so I was able to get 5 colors out of 4 colors of paper

$1 for a roll of curling ribbon – plus I have curling ribbon left for wrapping presents!

$1 for package of zip ties (I actually already had these on hand, so in reality, it cost me nothing)

$6 for solar lights  – and I can re-use these for other things


Last Minute Christmas Ornaments

I made these easy last minute Christmas ornaments by wrapping styrofoam balls in various materials.

I actually won the styrofoam balls and mesh I used for this first ornament from the  Crafts ‘n Coffee (check out their blog for some great crafting inspiration) in a recent contest they had for the materials to make a Christmas topiary.  While I loved the topiary,  I decided to use the materials in other ways instead.

For this first ornament, I wrapped the ornament in the mesh and held it in place using floral wire and simply wrapped a ribbon (salvaged from gift wrap)  around it and then added the miniature ornaments as a final touch.


For the second ornament I used some ribbon. I chose a couple different prints, one which I have saved from a gift wrapping, the other which I had got from a clearance bin for 50 cents.  Again, I held the top tight with floral wire, and then tied a scrap piece of gold cord around the top. To hold the ribbon secure on the bottom, I add a dot of glue and a ribbon.


Super easy AND super quick!