Black Cat Wreath

I saw a black cat wreath on Pinterest and immediately fell in love with it.  Since I happen to love cats (and have two that are black) I had to make a wreath of my own.

Cat Wreath

I recycle my styrofoam wreaths so that I don’t have to keep buying more. When I’m done using them (and I’m sure I don’t want to display them again), I dismantle them and use them for a making a new wreath. I had the felt for the ears and nose on hand, so all  I purchased was a roll of black ribbon, 2 black boas and some white floral wire. The original pattern I saw used 4 boas, but I scrimped and only used 2.

Click HERE  for a link to the original pattern I found.  You can see that I didn’t follow it exactly.  I opted for white floral wire for the whiskers and I didn’t use dowels for the ears — I just glued and pinned them to the wreath.

I’m not sure what’s cuter — my wreath or my cats! 🙂


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