I Like Crochet

The October issue of I Like Crochet just came out yesterday, and it’s probably my favorite one – and not just because it has one of my designs it!

ILCOctoberCollageI am just loving the autumn colors and designs.  Check out this adorable Owl Stroller Pal. I’m thinking of making a couple of these as backpack accessories.  Owls are really hot right now.  If you like owls, there are a couple of other adorable owl designs in this issue as well.


Another design I’m loving is this Textured Heather Scarf.  I love not only the colors, but the pattern stitch.


And check out this Changing Seasons Sweater! LOVE IT!!!!


The last design I want to mention, even though I love so many of them in this issue, is the Ethereal Lattice Shawl.  This pattern is part of the Elemental Shawl Series. In this case the “element” is filet crochet, and the result is amazing!



I’ve spent a little more time looking around the issue and the I Like Crochet (ILC) website. ILC has the traditional features of a crochet magazine (letter from the editor, book reviews, product reviews), but I’ve found some features that are really great:

  • You can search the patterns by skill level (you can’t do that with a paper magazine)
  • You can also search the patterns by type
  • ILC has a section to feature all of the designers, authors and editors (Yes, you’ll find me in there!)
  • A current features of  ILC is as mentioned above, the Elemental Shawl Series
  • A Join-as-you-go Tutorial (if you hate stitching motifs together, this is for you)
  • Bobble, Puff, or Popcorn – Are you mystified by these stitches?  Well, be clueless no more!
  • Other great finds in this issue include how to do a Russian Join, Self Care and the Crocheter, and Knowing Your Hook Sizes

And, in case you were curious, here is my design, Colors of Autumn Baby Blanket:


To check out the full table of contents for this issue of ILC, click HERE.

If you are sold on this issue and want to subscribe, click HERE.


I’ll be back later this month with a craft project I recently completed along with some new book reviews!

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