How to Fix a Tear in Clothing — Fixing a Torn Pair of Leggings

My daughter ripped her favorite pair of leggings the other day. I didn’t know if it was even worth trying to fix them — or how I was going to fix them and have them look decent.  I thought I would share my success with others since it worked out pretty well.


First I  cut out a small square of an iron-on patch in a color that matched the spot where the tear was.  Luckily I happened to have this on hand in my crafting stash already.



I placed the patch on the inside of the leggings where the tear was, making sure the correct side of the patch was facing up, and pulled the edges of the tear as closely together as I could.

IMG_3169Next I ironed the patch in place from the front so that I could be sure to hold the sides of the material in place as I ironed, being careful to keep the material smooth and lined up, and not burning my fingers.  Here is what it looked like from the front and back after I was done ironing the patch:




Next, using thread that matching the material and the zig-zag stitch on my sewing machine, I sewed over the seam.  This stitch will catch both sides of the tear and permanently keep the patch in place — because iron-on patches never really say in place! If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can replicate this stitch by hand by sewing back and forth from one side of the tear to the other, being sure to keep your stitches neat and close together.



And here is the end result.  Can you find the mend?  It blends in pretty well, and it should hold up for a long time.  You can use this same technique to fix tears in lots of things!


2 thoughts on “How to Fix a Tear in Clothing — Fixing a Torn Pair of Leggings

  1. Susan says:

    Round off the corners of your iron on patch first. Use a very hot iron but put a folded cotton tea towel over the piece of clothing and hold the iron in place (no sream) for a few seconds. My patches never come off.

    • Carrie says:

      Thanks! I will have to try rounding the corners next time. I probably could use a new iron too. Mine might not get hot enough anymore!

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