Knit Cowl

Don’t you just hate it when you want to knit or crochet something and can’t find the right yarn?  I found this pattern for this Multicolored Knit Cowl on e-PatternsCentral and wanted to make it in the same exact yarn and color, but the yarn is no longer being made! Cowl

I searched all over and couldn’t find any, not even on eBay or Etsy.  I purchased some hand-dyed yarn that was as close as I could find from a seller on Etsy; here is my finished cowl:


The yarn isn’t exactly the same, but overall I am pretty happy with the cowl. I still like the yarn and colors of the original cowl better.  The cowl was pretty easy to make, though I did “fudge” the pattern a few times.  Shhhh!

If you like the pattern, you can download a copy of the pattern at e-Patterns Central. It looks like it’s only $1.49 today!    Regular price is $3.49, which is what I paid for the pattern.

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