Alpine Holiday Scarf

I saw this Alpine Holiday Scarf, designed by Kalurah Hudson, on Facebook and was immediately in love with it.  It was available exclusively as a workshop/kit through Craftsy.  I really need to work on my knitting skills, and I knew this scarf would be a challenge for me, but I wanted to take on this challenge because I loved this scarf so much. I’m not sure exactly what it is that appeals to me so much about this scarf, whether it’s the colors or the pattern, or the combination of it all, but I couldn’t wait to get started.

Since all I can really do in knitting is cast on, knit and pearl, I really learned a lot from this project. It took a lot of do-overs and a lot of patience.  I had to watch the provided online videos over and over, but I learned how to do a Longtail Tubular Cast-On, create a button hole, sew a bind off for a 1×1 rib.

I must have restarted the scarf and the Longtail Tubular Cast-On close to a dozen times before I was happy with how it came out. AND it took me that many tries to get the rhythm of the cast-on.  Once I got past the cast-on, the pattern went pretty well, but it was definitely important to keep a Life Line going in my work! And then there was the bind off for the 1×1 rib– that took a few tries and it certainly doesn’t look perfect, but I finally got it figured out. I actually ended up finding a different video than the one provided in the workshop to help me through the bind off.

This pattern is exclusive to Craftsy until Feb 2015.    You can also find out info about the pattern on Ravelry.

IMG_2969 IMG_2970

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