Chocolate Peppermint Candies

I’ve seen the posts where people are melting the peppermint starburst candies into metal cookie cutters and really love how they look.  I thought, what else can I do with this idea?


If you haven’t seen directions on how to do this, visit Hello Homebody.

After the peppermint is cool (I put the melted peppermints in the refrigerator to cool quicker), leave them in the cookie cutter– though it is a good idea to make sure to release them a bit from the cookie cutter just to make it easier to remove them later after you’ve added the chocolate.  Now add some melted chocolate on top of the peppermint.  You can use melting chocolate or chocolate chips.  Leaving them flat on the parchment paper, gently shake them back and forth to allow the chocolate to evenly distribute inside the cookie cutter.  Before the chocolate sets, sprinkle some crushed up peppermint candy on top.  Put them back in the fridge again to cool. When the chocolate is cool, gently remove from the cookie cutters.


These make a perfect stocking stuffer, party favor, ornament, or decoration for a gift!  I especially love the one shaped like the state of Vermont (since I live in Vermont)!

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