Felt So Good: 70+ Felted and Plain Wool Designs for You and Your Home

Felt So Good: 70+ Felted and Plain Wool Designs for You and Your Home by Tone Rørseth

When I was a little girl, my mother had these macramé owls that she had made that were hanging on the walls. One of them was 5 feet tall.  She also had a couple smaller ones ranging from probably 18 inches to 3 feet.  For some reason, I was immediately reminded of my childhood and these owls when I saw the cover of  Felt So Good: 70+ Felted and Plain Wool Designs for You and Your Home.

Felt So Good Cover

Anyway……I never really knew much about felting except that it required a needle and it seemed very tedious.  Norwegian designer Tone Rørseth shows us that you can upcycle your old wool garments. UPCYCLE! Now we’re talking!  Learn how to upcycle slightly worn or damaged sweaters into new items.  Don’t have an old wool sweater to upcycle?  No worries.  You will also learn about different types of wool felt to buy.  And it turns out that it’s really easy and maybe not at tedious as I thought.

The book is full of a lot cute projects that are pretty quick to make—yet another thing that’s right up my alley! My absolute favorite item is the owl on the front cover, but some of my other favorite projects in the book include a bar stool cover, a purse, and a square floor pillow.

So grab a wool sweater, embellish it, or turn it into something else, like a handbag, mittens, scarf, toy, pillow, or any number of other whimsical charms or holiday decorations.

Now, I’m off to find that wool sweater that shrank when it went through the dryer! I think I have a use for it!

(But then again, I’m also tempted to head off to the second-hand shops and see if I can hunt down some wool sweaters with some really cool patterns, because I have a drawer full of purse handles just waited to be used!)Felt So Good Back Cover

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