Knitting Short Rows – Wavy Scarf

I saw this amazing scarf in my local yarn shop the other day and had to give it a try.  I couldn’t wait to make the scarf, though I REALLY wanted to make it in the yarn the sample scarf was in.  Since I didn’t have the extra money to buy the yarn, I tried it out with some Lion Brand Amazing yarn I had at home.  I love the way it shows off the change in colors.



It’s a really simply pattern.  The original pattern is done in Cascade Yarns Casablanca and is made with just one skein.  You can get the free pattern on the Cascade website HERE.

The sample scarf I saw was made with color #09 Fall

When I make the scarf with the Cascade Casablanca yarn, I plan on using the Fall color. I just loved the play of colors with the design. I will be sure to share a picture when I get the scarf made.

One thought on “Knitting Short Rows – Wavy Scarf

  1. Very nice work! Thank you for sharing.

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