June 14th – World Wide Knit in Public Day

In recognition of World Wide Knit in Public Day, I thought I’d talk about knitting in public (KIP’ing) or crocheting in public (CIP’ing), because I generally don’t see people doing it that often and I wonder why.  I knit or crochet in public all the time.

In my mind, there are really three main reasons to knit or crochet in public:

  1. It’s just a good use of wasted time:

You’d be amazed out how much you can get done on a project in those little chinks of time.  I made an entire Christmas gift for my mother just using the blocks of time I spent in the car waiting for my daughter to get out of school.

Recently I was with my significant other during a series of medical appointments he had that resulted in  about two hours of waiting room time. I knit almost an entire hat!

If you stop and think about it, there are a ton of opportunities to get a few stitches in (and when those stitches make you money, every minute counts):

  • I bring a small project to any school events I attend and knit or crochet while I wait for the program to start.  (Sometimes I even stitch during the program.)
  • I work on a project in the waiting room while I am having my car repaired.
  • I knit or crochet in the car every day waiting for my daughter to get out of school.
  • I crochet in the car on most trips that are going to be over 30 minutes, as a passenger of course!
  • I arrive early to my crochet classes that I teach at my local LYS (so that I can find parking in town) and then crochet while I wait for the students to arrive.
  • Anytime I am going to a doctor’s appointment I bring a project with me, prepared for a wait.

I’m not a stitcher that can knit or crochet for hours on end so it actually helps me a lot to squeeze work into these KIP’ing or CIP’ing sessions.

I’m also a very impatient person and can’t just sit still with nothing to do.  I have absolutely no patience for waiting—Don’t even get me started in standing in line at the grocery store!   So it really distracts me from my impatience and doesn’t make the waiting seem like such a bother since I don’t feel like my time is being wasted.

  1. It’s a great conversation starter:

My dentist saw me knitting in her waiting room and it led to a conversation about my teaching crochet classes at the LYS in town. She wants to learn to crochet. So maybe she will end up being one of my students. And if not, she may mention the classes to someone else.

I saw and elderly woman knitting socks recently, and I had to compliment her because socks just fascinate me.  She told me she doesn’t even follow a pattern.  She has knit so many socks that she just knows how to make them.  And she was using black yarn!

  1. It brings awareness to knitting and crocheting:

There are always going to be those who don’t know the difference between knitting and crocheting.  But what better chance to educate them than when they see you knitting or crocheting in public and ask about your craft? Maybe you will help bring another knitter or crocheter into the craft.  Or maybe you will just enjoy a conversation with a fellow fiber lover. Maybe you will tell someone about a new technique, or maybe they will even tell you something you didn’t know!

And if nobody asks while your KIP’ing or CIP’ing away in public, well then, you haven’t been interrupted and you’ve probably got a few more stitches in!


The World Wide Knit in Public Day motto says – “Better Living Through Stitching Together!”  Stitching in public allows me to not feel like I am wasting my otherwise “wasted time”, have a conversation starter in public (perfect for in introvert like me), and bring more awareness to the fiber arts every day. So for me, stitching in public as part of my everyday life has made for better living.  Every day is my knit in public day!


Click HERE, for information on World Wide Knit in Public Day.


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