Reversible Fleece Hats

Winter isn’t  over here in Vermont.  We just got 18″ of snow this past week!  So I guess it’s not too late in the season to  be thinking about winter hats, is it?

One of my recent crafting inspirations was to make reversible fleece hats.  I searched the internet and found a free pattern AND tutorial from the Crafty Gemini, who has a blog, but more importantly, a lot of great YouTube tutorial videos.  You can download the pattern from her website for free and her video walks you through the entire making of the hat. She has even teamed up with a website that offers a nice selection on fleece at some really decent prices.

So, here are my very first attempt at making fleece hats:


I learned about different kinds of fleece and while making these hats. Polar fleece is heavier, so  it makes a warmer hat but is harder to stitch through, especially where the seams meet up.  Micro Fleece is lighter in weight and much easier to work with, but the hat won’t  be as warm.  In either case, it’s important to use the same kind of fleece for both sides of the hat.

Also, keep in mind when choosing  your fleece colors, that your thread may show more against some colors.  For example, on my black/polka dot hats, the black thread blended in well with both sides so if my seams weren’t perfect, it wasn’t so obvious.  But for the black and teal hats, the black thread stood out against the teal side  and showed the seams really well. If you aren’t confident that you’ll have great seams, choose  your colors wisely.

The hats didn’t come out too bad, but my stitching isn’t great. I want to make more hats and improve my seams. Even with a sewing machine, it can be challenging to keep the seams perfectly straight due to the bulk of the fleece.  In the meantime, these first hats were still pretty good and were great donations to a local homeless shelter! 

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