Last Minute Christmas Ornaments

I made these easy last minute Christmas ornaments by wrapping styrofoam balls in various materials.

I actually won the styrofoam balls and mesh I used for this first ornament from the  Crafts ‘n Coffee (check out their blog for some great crafting inspiration) in a recent contest they had for the materials to make a Christmas topiary.  While I loved the topiary,  I decided to use the materials in other ways instead.

For this first ornament, I wrapped the ornament in the mesh and held it in place using floral wire and simply wrapped a ribbon (salvaged from gift wrap)  around it and then added the miniature ornaments as a final touch.


For the second ornament I used some ribbon. I chose a couple different prints, one which I have saved from a gift wrapping, the other which I had got from a clearance bin for 50 cents.  Again, I held the top tight with floral wire, and then tied a scrap piece of gold cord around the top. To hold the ribbon secure on the bottom, I add a dot of glue and a ribbon.


Super easy AND super quick!

One thought on “Last Minute Christmas Ornaments

  1. Sharon says:

    Very pretty! Thanks for the shout out. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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