Okay, can I just brag for a minute and say that Doris Chan acknowledged me, yes ME, in her latest book, Convertible Crochet!?  Crazy, huh?

Doris Chan is like the rock star of crochet lace motifs.  And her latest book does not disappoint.  Like she could disappoint us anyway, right?  In Convertible Crochet, Doris shows us that these gorgeous designs that we think are only for the tall and thin can be adapted for any body shape.  And look at how many different ways you can wear or style the designs to get maximum use out of them or just plain multiple awesome looks with one item.  

I have to say that I’ve always admired Doris Chan’s designs from afar, thinking her designs were far above my crochet abilities. Convertible Crochet makes me re-think that with clear stitch diagrams and Doris’ one-of-a-kind approach.  I feel not only inspired, but capable of taking on a Doris Chan design. Thank you Doris!



2 thoughts on “CONVERTIBLE CROCHET by Doris Chan

  1. CS, you are such a sweetheart! You’ve always taken care of us designers and kept us in line. Just showing appreciation for all you do.



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