Mother’s Day Paper Hydrangeas

I saw the post by Crafts and Coffee the other day for the paper Hydrangeas and I fell in love with them. I had to make some.  Check out the post and they’ll link you to the original tutorial on how to make the flowers.  They’re not hard to make, though they are much more time consuming than I originally planned.  Well worth the effort though!

I wanted to make some hydrangeas with more color than those in the original made from a brown paper bag, pretty as they were, and I loved the idea of purple.  My first thought was some scrap book paper I had that looked like this:

And I was in luck, as my local JoAnns had  it on sale for 5 sheets for $1.  Here is how they turned out:

flowers (8)

But I wasn’t done yet.  I wasn’t entirely happy with these, as I wanted color on both sides of the flower petals. I got to thinking what else I might make them out of other than regular paper. I really wanted to make some white flowers  out of some light-weight white paper bags, but I couldn’t track done white bags anywhere.  Then I thought – coffee filters! Inexpensive and an added bonus was that I could make then any color I wanted by dipping them in watercolors. You can get an amazingly realistic effect by varying the degree of color on the various parts of the flower.  As you can see, I had so much fun with color, I forgot about leaving any of the them white.  What do you think?  I think I’m in love with them and want to make a whole bunch more!

flowers (6)

Happy Mother’s Day!  For Mother’s Day, my mother will be receiving these very long-lasting, colorful,  no-watering needed flowers.

Flowers (4)

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