Boye Pattern Keeper

I’ve been so busy with work and designing that I haven’t had any time for extra-curricular crafting.  So I thought I’d instead take a few minutes to post about one of the tools I find most handy when it comes to crocheting. Now keep in mind that I’m not big on purchasing extra accessories or tools and usually find acceptable alternatives that cost me nothing.  For example, I don’t use or buy stitch markers, but instead just use a strand of yarn of an alternate color.  So for me to purchase and accessory and then label it as one of my most useful tools is a big deal!

I must have created an account with Simplicity at some point in time, because in January (for my birthday) they emailed me a $1o off any purchase voucher.   I checked out their site and came across the Boye Pattern Keeper, which is a red faux crocodile case that folds in half and holds your pattern.  I thought this looked like it would come in handy.  For $12.99, after my $10 voucher, it was only $2.99  plus shipping.  Boye pattern keeper

When I crochet or design, I often print out a copy of a pattern stitch that I am working from and then make notes on the page as I create the pattern.  The Pattern Keeper holds my page inside with magnets and it can fold closed when not in use.  It also opens into a stand, but I actually don’t use it this way.  The best feature– you can use the smaller magnets to keep track of where you are in the pattern.  If you are working on a pattern that has several repeating rows, this really comes in handy, especially if you’re just starting the pattern or if you’ve put the project down for a while and are coming back to it.  No more studying your stitches to figure out where you left off!

You can probably find this in chain craft stores that carry Boye products.  I think I’ve seen it at JoAnn’s.  Grab their 40% coupon from their flier or print one off from their website before you go to the store and you’ll get it for a pretty good price.  I plan on getting one or two more over time since I usually have multiple projects going.  Now if only they’d off them in different colors so that I could have a different color for each project I’m working on!  LOL

photo 1                      photo 2

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