So Much to Crochet, So Little Time!

I’ve been teaching a crochet class at my local yarn store and this week as I was waiting for the students to arrive, I discovered a clearance bag full of Tahki Classic Cotton for just $3.25 each! Between myself and a few of my students, we promptly put a huge dent in the supply. I bought 17, yes 17, hanks of it.  As much as I wanted it all, I carefully selected quantities and colors based on projects I already have planned! I can’t wait to get started!


I also want to pass along a huge THANK YOU to my fellow blogger For the Knit of It!   I just received my Cascade Hand Dyed Jewel yarn that I won in her anniversary giveaway!  I can’t believe I won– I never win anything!  I love the beautiful plum tones of this yarn. I have to decide on the perfect project to use this yarn for.

So, as we’re receiving a ton of snow in the Northeast, I have a weekend full of crocheting planned! 🙂


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