Gift Ribbon Wreath

Gift Ribbon Wreath

Gift Ribbon Wreath

On my quest to use up my crafting stash and make some wreaths I’ve had in mind, I created this Gift Ribbon Wreath. Why do I call it that?  My mother wraps gifts beautifully and often I receive a gift wrapped in such pretty ribbon that I can’t bear to give it up, so it goes into a stash. Sometimes I re-use it to wrap a gift for someone, but more often than not, I’m in too much of a hurry to wrap things as nicely as my mother. So I’ve acquired this stash of Christmas ribbon and what better way to use it up than to make a wreath.

Wreath 1

Here is what I started with

I had lots of gold ribbon for some reason, plus a couple of partial spools of ribbon that I don’t even know where it came from! Since I had so much gold ribbon, I just wrapped it around and around the wreath.  When one piece ended, I grabbed another piece and kept wrapping. I ended up with a couple of layers of gold, which fully covered the green foam of the wreath.   I saved the longest piece for last, and was able to go all around the wreath one more time with that piece.   The burgundy ribbon I saved for last and used that as an accent color.  I glued the final end of ribbon and held it in place with a tack while it dried.

Gift Ribbon Wreath

My bow was a bit crinkled, so I undid the bow and flattened the ribbon the best I could and re-made the bow using my last piece of gold ribbon to tie the bow off and tie it to the wreath.  The gold ribbon has a mesh-like texture and wanted to naturally curl after being wrapped on a spool. I enhanced the curl by wrapping the ribbon tightly around a cardboard roll (a paper towel or toilet paper roll will work) and letting it stay that way for a while.

Voila!  One more item made from my existing craft stash and zero money spent!

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