Handmade Gifts for the Soldier in Your Life

I previously mentioned wanting to make more wreaths, and here is one!  While searching for supplies for the deer hunter wreath I made, I had bought a package from Walmart that contained 2 bandanas.  The camo was the digital print, it didn’t mix well with the traditional camo, and was really more suited to soldiers since this is the style the where.  So in honor of anyone who had served in the military,  here is what I made.

I started with the wreath and had enough left over to make all of these other items.  To make all this you will need:

2- Bandanas in Digital Camo (available at Walmart)

1- 14″ floral foam wreath

1 foam ball

1 wooden picture frame

1 foam cone

Craft Glue (I recommend Tacky Glue)

1/2″ long pins (for tree)

Double-sided tape (optional)

Button or other item for tree topper

To make the wreath, I simply cut my bandanas into strips about 1 1/2″ wide. But first I cut the hem off all the way around the bandanas.  It’s the hem  pieces that I used to make the bow.  I wrapped the strips around the wreath and used double-sided tape to help hold it in place, then glued the final end, glued my bow on, and used one last piece of the hem to make a hanger.  You can see that the bandanas came in 2 different shades, so I alternated the strips between the 2 shades.

I made the ornament by gluing strips around the ball until it was fully covered.

The picture frame was one I bought at Michael’s a while back for just a dollar. It has a cardboard backing that can me removed and I just wrapped it in the same manner I did the wreath.  The corners were a bit tricky to get just right, so I had to fiddle with those a bit.

Lastly, the tree was inspired by a really neat tree I saw on Pinterest that was made from ribbon.  I cut the strips of camo into shorter strips, folded these shorter strips in half and pinned them into the cone using glue for extra adhesion. I just worked my way around and up the cone in this manner. And my star tree topper is from my button stash.

Any or all of these would make great and unique gifts for someone who has or is serving in the military. Or you could choose different bandanas, fabric or even ribbon.   And they are kids friendly crafts and inexpensive to make.  I actually had all of this in my stash (which I previously vowed to use up), so I didn’t have to make a trip out to buy any supplies!

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