Using Up My Crafting Stash

Like any serious crafter, I have way too many crafting supplies.  And I always have to resist the temptation to buy more.  Actually, I should correct that and say I try to resist the temptation.  Usually the temptation wins.  I find it difficult to pass up a bargain on any type of crafting supplies and when I see something I want to make, I usually want to go out and buy the supplies right away.  Every once in a while I try to organize and clean out my crafting stash, but it is SO hard for me to get rid of any of my supplies, even if I know I will likely never use them.  So my resolution is to find a way to use up these supplies .  My first stash item to use up- my box of popsicle/craft sticks.

I bought these, or maybe even got them for free, from a yard sale.  My thought was the kids would love to use them.  And actually they did use them quite a bit, for a while. Now they’ve sat there unused for quite some time.  So here is the start to my using them up. My goal is a large basket made from nothing more than craft sticks and glue.  I’ll share a picture when it’s complete.   And with any luck I won’t get hooked on making things with craft sticks and be tempted to go and buy more!

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