Hatsune Miku Halloween Costume

My 13-year-old step-daughter decided she wanted to dress up as Hatsune Miku for Halloween.  I had never heard of this Japanese anime character before and had no idea who or what she or it was.  Once she showed us some photos, her father purchased a blue wig off of Ebay for her and said that she had to create the rest of her costume.

She found a black tiered skirt at a thrift store of $6, and old white shirt from her closet that she could alter at will.  On her own she used blue duct tape to add the right color to the collar of the shirt. I just happened to have the right color cotton yarn to crochet a tie for her.  The last thing to deal with was somehow covering the fuchsia ribbing on the skirt ruffles  and making it blue.  I was hoping to find some bias tape in the right color that I could just sew on, but no luck there.  Instead, I found some ribbon that would work.  So out came the sewing machine and 18 feet of ribbon were stitched on  to the ruffles.

Since it’s likely to be chilly on Halloween, the sleeves are being left on the shirt and she’ll wear black leggings under the skirt.
Total cost of costume, minus the wig:

Skirt  $6.00

Ribbon $1.99

Spool of Matching Sewing Thread $1.99

Shirt – Free – already had on hand

Duct Tape – already had on hand

Tie – already had yarn on hand

Total $9.98

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