Cake Decorating Made Easy

If there’s one skill I don’t have, it’s cake decorating. With the variety of crafting I do, I somehow can’t even manage to frost a cake and have it look good.  So with my daughter turning 12, I had to come up with a creative cake that would totally blow her socks off.  I knew immediately what I wanted the theme to be– Anyone with a young adolescent girl around might have heard of a boy band from the UK called One Direction?  Well, I know quite a bit about them thanks to my daughters obsession (excuse me, DEDICATION) to them.  But how to make an awesome One Direction cake?  Answer:  Ebay!!!!!!

I purchased this frosting sheet that is designed to go through a special printer with edible ink.  The person selling these even personalized it with my daughter’s name. Then I went a little crazy and purchased some edible gumpaste sprays with the bands picture on it, as well as some others that spelled out her name. So all I really had to do was bake & frost the cake with plain white frosting and add the decorations.  Yes, my daughter was pleasantly surprised and even saved a picture of the cake as the wallpaper on her phone.

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