Roll of the Dice

We were doing some cleaning some boxes out of the basement and I came across two giant cubes of styrofoam (I don’t even recall what they were from–probably some packing material from an over-sized item) and I wondered what I could do with them. Well, my boyfriend jokingly said I should make a giant pair of dice.  I took the challenge!  This was one of those projects that I made for the pure and absolute fun of it.  All I needed was some white fur material, Tacky Glue, some black felt, a wooden skewer, a sturdy piece of string, and a good pair of scissors. I coated the blocks evenly in Tacky glue and neatly covered them up in the fur. I cut a long rectangular piece of the fur  to the width of the block and long enough to wrap around 4 sides, then I cut squares to cover the final two sides.  Next I cut out the black circles from the black felt and glued them on using real dice as a guide.   I wanted to hang them, so needed to attach a string.  To ensure the string to hang them didn’t come out, I tied it tightly around half a wooden skewer and put the skewer, pointed end in, into the center of the dice. I put some glue in and around the whole made by the skewer.  Voila!  A giant set of dice.

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