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I Like Crochet is offering a discount on their Website + Tablet subscription for Black Friday, and they are extending the offer to my readers.  The sale runs from 11/27 through 11/30.  They are offering their Website + Tablet subscription, normally $34.97 for $19.97, or 43% off.   If you’d would like to take advantage of this awesome offer, click HERE.

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Holiday Wreath

After making my cat Halloween wreath, I knew I wanted to do something similar for a Christmas wreath… and here it is — knit hat and all! IMG_3559I simply wrapped two boas (one red and one white) around a wreath form and pinned in place. Then I pinned the hat on. The hat is the Magnum Santa Hat,  a free pattern from Cascade Yarns and designed by Shannon Dunbabin.  It’s knit in bulky yarn, so works up fast.  If you would like the free pattern, click HERE.


Broomstick Lace Crochet: A New Look at a Vintage Stitch, with 20 Stylish Designs

I’ve always admired broomstick lace and envied those who could do it. I’ve never braved the technique myself, though I’ve always wanted to (and I have the perfect jumbo-size knitting needles just waiting to be used).  The problem is, where do I start and what sort of project do I make for my first broomstick lace project?

Donna Wolfe solves all of that with her new book Broomstick Lace Crochet: A New Look at a Vintage Stitch, with 20 Stylish DesignsBroomstick-LaceThe book does a great job of going through and teaching all of the crochet stitches step by step, so even a beginner who has never made a slipknot or single crochet stitch can pick up this book, and with some time and patience, learn broomstick lace. Virtually every technique you’ll ever need to know related to broomstick lace is covered in this book – increases, decreases, working in the round…

And then once you have the technique down, you have a great selection of projects to choose from.  There are 20 patterns ranging from a scarf, pillow, hat, skirt, wrap, blanket, phone cozy, wristlets and more.

If I have one criticism of the book it’s just that the photos of the designs are a bit lackluster.  But would that stop me from purchasing the book?  Absolutely not!  Between the great step-by-step directions and selection of projects, this book is a great choice for a beginning crocheter or a skilled crocheter looking to learn a new technique.

Want to take a look at the book.  Click HERE to see the Look Book.

Broomstick Lace Crochet: A New Look at a Vintage Stitch, with 20 Stylish Designs is available to purchase from Stackpole Books or Amazon.

Gin and Tonic Hat

I’ve been more into knitting than crocheting lately, and I’ve been making some hats for the holidays.  I just finished this hat. I really like the pattern and plan to make more hats like this. I found the pattern as a free pattern download on Ravelry. Here’s the link:  Gin & Tonic Hat.



The orignal hat was done in Tanis Fiber Arts Orange Label, which looked amazing. I made mine in Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable — one of my favoritive yarns that’s a bit easier on the pocketbook. The color I used was echo.  When I make another hat using this pattern, I think I will go another repeat or two before the decrease so that it’s more of a slouchy beanie.  But I really like the pattern stitch.

25 Cozy Crocheted Slippers: Fun & Fashionable Footwear for the Whole Family

If there’s one thing you won’t find me doing, it’s walking around barefoot.  And don’t you just hate the fact that there aren’t enough good crochet slipper patterns out there?

Thanks to Kristi Simpson, I (and you) don’t have to search for crochet slipper patterns anymore.  With her book 25 Cozy Crocheted Slippers: Fun & Fashionable Footwear for the Whole Family you will find every and any slipper pattern you ever need.  The designs range from cute and creative to classic and cozy:  Mary Janes, loafers, elf shoes, owl boots, slipper socks, sandals, and ruby red Dorothy slippers. Included are designs for men, women, and children, with multiple sizings for each.   This is, in my opinion, a great book for slipper and sock patterns!

25-Cozy-Crocheted-Slippers-309x40025 Cozy Crocheted Slippers contains one of the best step-by-step photo tutorial guide I have seen yet – it walks you through you through virtually every step of the process from how to hold a crochet hook to how to make each stitch.  And though the patterns don’t list skill levels, each pattern lists the page number(s) that you can find the tutorial for the stitches —  a huge bonus!

All in all, a great slipper and sock book that is worth the buy!

Take a look at the Look Book HERE.

25 Cozy Crocheted Slippers: Fun & Fashionable Footwear for the Whole Family is available for purchase on Amazon and Stackpole Books.

I Like Crochet

The December issue of I Like Crochet is here!!!!!

ILC-December 2015-coverIt’s loaded with the cutest holiday ornaments and patterns that are perfect for whipping up in time for gift giving.  Patterns include a Poinsettia Throw, Rustic Christmas Bulbs, Spirited Snowflake Coasters and the Winter Winds Slouchy Hat.  I lover that there are a nice selection of hats to pick from – enough to make a different one for everyone on your gift list!  And if you want to make something glamorous, there’s the Geometric Glam Necklace. For warmth, there is also a nice selection of scarves and shawls, not to mention one of my favorites – the Luxe Lace Holiday Sweater.

Whether you’re after some cheerful holiday amigurumi patterns or comfy, cozy winter accessories, this issue has what you need. Grab a copy today and instantly get access to all of the great patterns!

ILCDecemberCollageAnd don’t forget to check out the Crochet Life Hacks feature in this issue to learn about all of the other handy uses for your crochet hooks.  Who’d have thought to use a crochet hook for anything other than crocheting?!

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Pumpkin Season

I’ve been in a crafting mood!  I just love the fabric pumpkins I’ve been seeing and had to make some of my own.  But, of course, I had to do it cheaply!

I purchased 2 styrofoam balls at Walmart for $3.97 each and 2 fat quarters for $ .97 each.  There are lots of tutorials out there for making these, but one of my favorite blogs is CraftsnCoffee.  The crafts are virtually all styrofoam crafts.  She tells you how to make the pumpkins HERE.  The one change that I made was using wine corks for the pumpkin stems.  I was really happy with how these came out and they are definitely a decoration that will carry through the entire autumn season.